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What your insurance company may not want you to know...

One thing that is very important to consider is where you have your vehicle repaired.

It is completely up to you, the owner.

Most insurance companies will try and steer you to a shop of their choice, but you as the vehicle owner, have the final decision on where the repairs are to be done. The insurance companies will try and scare you by telling you they canít guarantee the repairs if they arenít done at one of their approved repair facilities.

The insurance company does not offer the lifetime guarantee, the repair shop does.

Any problems with the repair, always falls back on the shop that completed repairs. Do not let insurance companies that spend millions of dollars on fancy TV ads, coerce you into moving your vehicle to a repair shop you are not comfortable with. We have and will continue to work with each and every insurance company to ensure your vehicle is put back into its pre-loss condition.

A vast majority of your insurances companies today are beginning to utilize the use of aftermarket parts on your vehicles, those parts may include front or rear bumpers and or bumper covers (depending on application), lamps, grilles and sheet metal, as well as other miscellaneous items. The purpose of this is to save the insurance company money on the total cost of repair. We, due to many years in the business and long relationships with our vendors, are able to use only genuine parts to repair your vehicle.


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